From Then To Now

I wrote my first piece of code on a ZX Spectrum way back in 1985, looking at the awe on my family’s face as the TV screen told them a “fun” fact about themselves when they typed their name at the prompt gave me a warm fuzzy feeling , it was a simple script with 4 IF…THEN statements but I was hooked.

I then studied computer science at university before the age of Microsoft and Apple  then a few years travelling before getting back in front of a computer and seeing this thing called Windows being used. It’s been a love hate relationship ever since.

I built my first website circa 1996/1997 and I can honestly say I’ve improved since then. I moved into the corporate world, programming spreadsheets and databases but the emergence of the internet is what capture my attention and I spent many hours after work learning HTML when CSS did not really exist and it was all about tables.

I’ve worked for a global telecommunication company , a software company, a Middle Eastern based multinational and for the last 12 years in  the corporate world for Bloomsbury Publishing where I was primarily responsible for looking after their eCommerce website selling thousands of books which included rebuilding and updating the site from an ASP to ASP.NET (VB.NET)  and finally to a full MVC stack .NET application written in C#, with the final build also involved sourcing, building and configuring the server ready for deployment.

But I was also building many smaller sites for authors and book launches along the way, some plain HTML and some data driven and some for Harry Potter.

The company and the site grew and become too much for one person, was outsourced and I moved into internal web application development but was also still involved in the company website acting as the technical liaison between the developers and the marketing team.

But my interest has always been “The Internet” from design theory and the user experience to the actual programming and technical challenges in building sites and so I started building sites as a sideline for friends who needed an online presence and it grew from there. In 2017 I decided after over 20 years in London it was time for a change and moved to the beautiful Island of Mallorca.

And I now bring my years of experience from the corporate environment to help small to medium size companies come up with the right solution for their needs.

Working with a number of different systems over the years and my experience building large corporate websites and intranets from the ground up leaves me in a good position to evaluate your needs and come up with a solution that works.


Palma de Mallorca

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