WEbsite Care PLans

WEbsite Care Plans

“Like everything, a website needs to be looked after to continue to produce results”.

As much as we would all like to just build a site and that’s the job done, continued maintenance and backups are always advised to keep things running efficiently. 

Server side frameworks such as PHP and  the services that run on them like WordPress plus the themes and plugins used on sites are continually being updated, improving performance, security and adding new features and we need to stay on top of that.

Whilst we do our best to recommend the most reliable  plugins, security exploits still do occur from time to time and any vulnerability needs to be patched in a timely manner to maintain the integrity of your site.

 No everyone needs a daily or even a weekly back up and with this in mind we offer three tiers of WordPress maintenance and support; Essential, Business and Comprehensive.  

We can also do an initial site audit to make sure everything is set up correctly and working as it it should and can make recommendations on what can be done with your site to optimise and make more robust and secure.

* all prices are per site and exclude IVA tax


“Do you want to spend more time helping your  clients market their website and less time fixing bugs?”

“Are you a great designer but would prefer to spend your time designing rather than fixing?”

This is  a mutually beneficial service for both yourself and your clients, you get to concentrate on what is important for your clients and your business and they get peace of mind knowing their website is being looked after, as well as generating an additional recurring revenue stream.

We offer complete transparency and will set you up with access to a project board where we can collaborate together making sure your clients are well looked after.

Every client will have different needs so please use the contact form below to get in touch and we can discuss the best solution to cater your requirements.



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